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Publicação de artigo: " The efficacy of bi-component carboxymethylcellulose-polysaccharide B as a hemostatic and anti-adherent agent at the tibial insertion of the hamstring tendons after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament "

Objective. The objective of this study is to evaluate and compare hemostatic and anti-adher- ent efficacy of the bi-component carboxymethylcellulose-polysaccharide B to the standard of electocauterization at the gracilis and semitendinosis harvest site in patients undergoing anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. Methods. In this randomized control trial, 32 patients undergoing ACL reconstruction were randomly divided into two groups. In group 1 (control), hemostasis was achieved via electrocoagulation at the gracilis and semi- tendinosis harvest site, and in group 2 (intervention) the bi-component was used to control bleeding at the same site. Results. There was no statistical difference between the groups in the pain assessments postoperatively, and the patients in group 2 had lower incidence of hematoma than the patients in group 1 on the first day postoperatively. There was a statis- tically significant difference between the groups in terms of postoperative range of motion (ROM) during the study period (p = 0.022). Patients in group 1 gained 17.8 degrees, patients in group 2 increased ROM by 34 degrees. No statistically significant difference was found in the incidence of hypoesthesia between the groups (p = 0.870). Conclusion. Bi-compo- nent carboxymethylcellulose-polysaccharide B showed better outcomes in terms of hemato- ma prevention and postoperative ROM than standard electrocoagulation in the immediate postoperative period for patients undergoing ACL reconstruction. Surgeons should consid- er using this compound to achieve hemostasis at the gracilis and semitendinosis harvest site during ACL reconstruction.

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